Yay! We made it to September, wasn’t sure with how this year is turning out. Spring is my favourite time of year because it means warmer days, sunshine and everything is in bloom. There is so much to get done in the garden over the next few weeks so that you can have a delicious garden come Summer. 

I have put down my top 5 tasks to complete before planting your Summer crops. There is always things to be done and you know your garden best.

Tasks to complete:

  1. Weeding – if you are like me, over Winter I do not do a whole lot in the garden. So come spring time I use this opportunity to get right in there and clean everything up ready for the new planting season.
  2. Pruning – this is the perfect opportunity to cut back trees, plants and get your garden looking in top shape. I also pull out older plants once they have seeded.
  3. Compost – most of the Summer crops are extrememly hungry. These include, zuchinni, pumpkin, watermelon, tomatoes. So getting your soil ready is a must before planting. I use our general household compost and grate it into the ground.
  4. Manure – Spring time is the best time to give your soil back his nutrients, especially if you have been growing broccoli. I also find adding manure helps my soil to hold more come Summer, so I do not have the requirement of constantly watering especially if water restrictions come into place.
  5. Review your trellis – before planting make a plan of what you would like in your garden. Lots of the summer crops grow best if given a trellis, think cucumber, tomato, pumpkin. Therefore it is loads easier to organise your garden before planting to give yourself optimal use of the garden and provide the plants with what they need to give you a great yield.

What to plant:

This is a tough one as it totally depends on your location. Therefore my go to spot for what to plant is Gardening Australia. They have amazing resources and the website will be able to help you to find what to plant depending on your region.

Also there are a lot of seed libraries popping up everywhere which is amazing! Check with your local library to see if they have one operating.

Happy gardening, and would love to see your photos of your garden on socials – tag @resourcefulliving.

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