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Welcome to November. There is so much exciting things to do in the garden this month, especially as we get ready for Summer. Hopefully this Summer brings on more rain, but if it doesn’t we want your garden to be prepared.

Tasks to do in the garden:


It is best to start regular watering, if it is not raining lots at your place to help the plants get their water. By doing small amounts now and keeping the soil moist will mean that over the Summer months more of the water will have sunk into the ground helping the root system of the plant.


I know I said this for last month, but it is even more important now, as Summer is fast approaching we need to make sure that the water our plants do get, it lasts. By using mulch, it helps keep the soil moist as well as give your plants more nutrients.

Organising Shade

Now is the perfect opportunity to watch your garden and understand where you get shade. This will help with planting your seedlings to make sure that they are protected from the harsh Summer sun as they grow. It is best to organise your planting with giving looking at shade as most plants during Summer love some shade.


If you haven’t already, it is best to harvest all your cold veggies (think cabbage, broccoli). These plants take a lot of nutrients and as the soil gets warmer they will head straight to seed. So I would recommend leaving at least 1 to harvest to seed but the rest, I would harvest and enjoy eating! Once you have harvested it is best to use compost onto the soil so that you can give it an extra boost before planting any Summer veggies.

What to plant:

This is a tough one as it totally depends on your location. Therefore my go to spot for what to plant is Gardening Australia. They have amazing resources and the website will be able to help you to find what to plant depending on your region.

Also there are a lot of seed libraries popping up everywhere which is amazing! Check with your local library to see if they have one operating.

Happy gardening, and would love to see your photos of your garden on socials – tag @resourcefulliving.

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What do you do in your garden during November?

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