What a crazy Summer we are having this year. I am located on the East Coast of Australia, and we have had SO much rain! I have not needed to water my plants at all, because at the moment all it does is rain! So I have listed some important tasks to do if you find yourself being hit with a lot of rain.

Tasks to do in the garden:

Check plant roots

After lots of rain it is very common for the soil to move and erode. Once the rain stops, it is best to head out and check all your plant roots. If you see any uncovered just move some dirt over them. The main reason for covering is so that they do not dry out and essentially cause your plant to die.

Check for pests

Rain brings so many pests to the garden. Now is the time to get on top of them as if you leave them too long, you may find your garden will suffer even more damage than usual. A couple of options to keep snails in particular at bay are:

  1. Beer traps
  2. Eggshells
  3. Sand
  4. Fennel
  5. Salt


Get into your garden now and start to weed. If you leave it too long, these conditions are just perfect for weeds and you may find your garden overtaken in no time. I certainly regretted not getting out their earlier!

What to plant:

This is a tough one as it totally depends on your location. Therefore my go to spot for what to plant is Gardening Australia. They have amazing resources and the website will be able to help you to find what to plant depending on your region.

Also there are a lot of seed libraries popping up everywhere which is amazing! Check with your local library to see if they have one operating.

Happy gardening, and would love to see your photos of your garden on socials – tag @resourcefulliving.

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What do you do in your garden during December?

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