Welcome to December. Here we are, into the hottest few months. Hopefully this Summer brings on more rain, but if it doesn’t we want your garden to be prepared.

Tasks to do in the garden:


Hand water vegetables, annuals and pots in the cooler parts of the day.  It is actually one of the most enjoyable and relaxing jobs in the garden and a wonderful way to unwind after work.

Organising Shade

Move potted plants that prefer cool weather into more shaded spots in the garden such as under the verandah or a tree with dappled shade.  Spray them with a leaf polymer to help protect them from the heat.


Apply seaweed extract fortnightly. It will help to thicken the cell walls of the plants so they can withstand the extreme heat more effectively.

Make sure the compost doesn’t dry out

Make sure that the compost heap isn’t drying out.  It needs to stay damp so that the materials actually break down and to prevent ants and cockroaches from moving in.


Mulch throughout the garden and even on the top of pots. Use Lucerne hay for the veggie patch but a chunky mulch for the rest of the garden.  Mulch made from large pieces is more effective at allowing water through and retaining it in the soil. Remember to apply a fertiliser first and then a wetting agent over the top.

What to plant:

This is a tough one as it totally depends on your location. Therefore my go to spot for what to plant is Gardening Australia. They have amazing resources and the website will be able to help you to find what to plant depending on your region.

Also there are a lot of seed libraries popping up everywhere which is amazing! Check with your local library to see if they have one operating.

Happy gardening, and would love to see your photos of your garden on socials – tag @resourcefulliving.

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What do you do in your garden during November?

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