February Planting

As we head into the final month of Summer, it is now to start thinking about care for the garden during Autumn. We may still have a few ho

January Planting

What a crazy Summer we are having this year. I am located on the East Coast of Australia, and we have had SO much rain! I have not needed

December Planting

Welcome to December. Here we are, into the hottest few months. Hopefully this Summer brings on more rain, but if it doesn’t we want your

Resourceful Living

What to buy your child when they
have “everything”

I can see you now looking around your house thinking, wow, what do I get the kids this year, they have everything. Christmas is a time whe

Resourceful Liviving

November Planting

Welcome to November. There is so much exciting things to do in the garden this month, especially as we get ready for Summer. Hopefully thi

October Planting

The second month of spring is already here! Wow! The year now just seems to be flying past. There is lots to do in the garden this month,

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