Can you feel it? The last month of Winter is finally here! I must say, living in a very moderate temperature area on the East Coast of Australia, our Winters are never as cold as other places. However, I have noticed even though the days are warming, the early morning frost and late night chills, there is no doubting that as we head into Spring, for now, we still get the pleasure of rugging up!

Knowing what to do in your garden during August is hugely beneficial as it sets you up for Spring and Summer planting, meaning your garden will have the best start to warmer seasons. I have put together some tasks that I recommend you do throughout August to get your garden ready.

  • Mulch

    Top up all your garden beds with mulch so as it breaks down it provides your soil with enriched nutrients that it can pass onto your plants.

  • Weeding

    Even though most plants do slow down over Winter, I have found that continual weeding makes sure that my plants are not trying to compete and are healthier come Spring.

  • Pruning

    Now is the perfect time to give your plants a haircut if you didn’t get around to it before Winter. By giving them a prune you are helping them to begin Spring and the warmer months in the strongest position. Your plants will thank you for only having to spread nutrients to the main areas of the plant

What to plant?

Now, this all depends on where in Australia you live, I have broken it down into 3 main areas however chatting to your local nursery will provide you with more detailed information about getting the most out of your garden.

Warm Areas

Rocket, silverbeet, spring onions, Chinese cabbage, mizuna, lettuce, parsley, zucchini, leeks and parsnip.

Nasturtium, petunias, marigolds (French) and celosia.

Cool to Cold Areas

Spinach, broad beans, Jerusalem artichokes (put them in a pot or they will use the entire garden), potatoes, peas, onions, parsley, cabbage, broccoli, rocket, silverbeet, cauliflower, lettuce, leek, Asian greens, radish, beetroot and parsnip.

Temperate Areas

Beetroot, lettuce, parsnip, peas, radish, celery (in a milk carton), leek, lettuce, onions, mizuna, seed potatoes, rocket, silverbeet, and spinach.

Happy gardening!!

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