Who doesn’t enjoy having a break on the lounge with the tv on? In my household, the lounge room is where the toys are. It is the centre point of our home, so we spend a lot of time in there. Especially during Winter when the wood fire is burning. So how do you make one of the highest traffic spaces more eco-friendly?

We have some tips for you.

  • Second hand furniture

Sometimes new is not always the best, and we want people to be conscious about weighing up the pros and cons of buying new compared to the second hand. One positive for buying second hand is the price tag is nearly always cheaper than new. This is great for your bank account. You can get some great, quirky second-hand pieces that keep them out of the landfill and you provide them with a new life.

  • Furniture made using eco-friendly materials

When looking at purchasing new furniture, check what materials it is made of. The best ones to look for are bamboo, wood, cotton, lien to name a few. By opting for eco-friendly material you are aiding in a more sustainable future.

  • Eco-friendly light globes

When was the last time you changed your light globes? Do you know what type you currently have in your house? Statistics tells me that you would not know what type you currently have unless of course, it is bayonet or Edison screw. I have 2 reasons to change over to eco-friendly light bulbs – typically they use about 25%-80% less energy than incandescents and can last between 3 – 25 times longer. So not only saving the environment but your time and money. Using these types of globes in the kitchen will also help with saving money.

  • Turn off unused powerpoints

Have you heard of vampires? Well, that is your tv, charging dock and anything that you turn off, but it continues to have a standby function. This is sucking power even when you have turned it “off.” Be aware of how these standby modes can add up on your electricity bill. Turning them off at the powerpoint means that when you are not using them, they are not costing you any money. Making an conscious decision to turn off things like the washing machine and dryer will also help.

  • Blackout curtains on windows

I never knew how great these could be until I invested and wow what a change. By placing blackout curtains on your windows, you not only keep heat in during winter but heat out during Summer. Blackout curtains also provide you with great privacy. This can be helpful wonderful in the lounge room when you may have a window that faces the street. Blackout curtains also come in a range of sizes and colours to suit your home decor and for a fraction of the price of window shutters. These also work very well in your bedroom too.

If you have any other ideas on how to be more eco-friendly in the lounge room, please share as we love hearing of other ways!

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