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Being a pet owner does not mean that you have to accept the waste that comes with owning a cat. We have 5 top tips to help you and your cat become more eco-friendly.


  • Buy Food in Bulk

The best way to be more eco-friendly is to make your own cat food. However, we understand that this not always an option. I get it, it is not an option for us either! I spend enough time sorting meals let alone adding the cat into the equation. Therefore by buying bulk food you are saving on packaging and most of the time money. It may seem like a lot of upfront, but do you know how long it takes a cat to get through 20kgs?! A long time!


  • Drinking Fountain

If your cat is like mine and absolutely loves running water, it can be difficult to get them stop drinking out of the tap. Therefore invest in a drinking fountain (about $30) off eBay and fill it up. The pump keeps the water moving and you just have to fill it up every couple of days… simple and not wasting water!


  • Cat Litter

This is a big one for cat owners. All living things need to go to the bathroom, but the way we minimise waste is the best way to go about it. Using recycled newspaper, sawdust, wood shavings, coconut, bamboo, corn or wheat are excellent choices. If your cat litter is made from natural ingredients it will make it heaps easier to compost when you need to change it.


  • Plant-based bags

When removing your cat’s poop look for plant-based bags to use to remove. Alternatively having a dedicated area for a compost just for your cat poop can also work. However, do not mix this with your general food waste compost as the resulting fertilizer cannot be used on plants you intend on eating.


  • Cat Toys

Instead of buying toys for your cat, check around your home for ideas. Cats love boxes, cardboard, toilet rolls, string. The list could keep going. But you get the point, don’t waste money on new toys use what you can!


If you have anything to add we would love to hear about your zero waste cat!

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