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Have you been looking around your home and thinking about what you can change about your bathroom to make it more eco-friendly? Below are our top 5 tips to becoming greener!


  • Toothbrush

Did you know that every toothbrush you have ever used is still out there, somewhere and will continue to provide havoc long after you are gone! Crazy, isn’t it! So one of the first things I recommend is changing your toothbrush to a bamboo one, not only can you compost afterwards but being made from bamboo means that it is made from an eco-friendly alternative to plastic!


  • Make your own shampoo & conditioner

Everyone loves the feel of fresh hair and without thinking about, you probably purchase a bottle every few weeks only to throw it out when you are done. By making your own you not only save money but the environment. We have a super simple recipe to use and I must say, my hair loves having zero chemicals through it. Otherwise, I can highly recommend checking out Shampoo with a purpose


  • Soap Bars/ gel

I am personally not a lover of soap bars, due to sharing with a household of men, I prefer the wash. Lucky though both can be made in the comfort of your own home and with limited waste. I just keep on refilling the same jar when we get low. Check out our soap bar recipe and our shower gel recipe and let us know what you like better!


  • Install a low flow shower head

We hear you, yes you love all the water hitting you, but in litres, that is about 65 litres per single shower which lasts for 8minutes. By cutting down the shower time and changing the shower head you can more than half your usage and when the water bill arrives, you will thank us!


  • Install a low flow toilet

This may not be possible for everyone, but certainly, something to think about if you decide to move. A toilet generally uses 27% of water used within the home, so for something that is a requirement it is probably best it doesn’t use up our water budget.


If you have any other recommendations on being more green in the bathroom, please let us know, we would love to hear what you do!

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